[wow look at you now flowers in the window such a lovely face]

Are the things in the post below this one real becuz if they are then my life is boring as fuck and I suck as a sexual person and as a man and a soldier and a cowboy and as one who pees poop thru his butt tube. Hey. Speaking of. Do you know what they shoulda named the colon instead of the colon?

The shit box.

Think about it. Or shit tube. But I like shit box better. It's also fun to call an enemy a shitbox while having an argument. Be all: Hey you fucking shitbox. Go suck your mother's clit.

And then sock em one like it's Rivington and Ludlow all over again.

Hey bitch. I have the envelope from the card you sent over the holidays sitting on the table next to my bed. I look at the Los Angeles postmark and imagine that you work for the moving pictures and it is your correspondence wrapped in a check. In our letters, we praise one another and make fun of the jew fags running the business.

Oh well. It's positively balmy here in old Ohio. I miss you and love you. And wrap my arms around each and every soul.