Six degrees Fahrenheit should not be called six degrees.

It should be called misery.

Also. I have been getting really angry lately. Things are weird with me. Dear Diary. Dear Internet. Dear unseen friends with quotation marks around the the word friends. Dear all of you. Hi. Save me from me. Let's talk about I and I can we? Do your job. Do it. Bring me back from these depressive depths. Tell me I'm good. Say you'd fuck me. Justify me with your invisibleness. Hi. I have a fucking earache. Hi. I have fucking dentist appointments to make with my crapass insurance. Hi. Same goes for the eye doctor. Hi. Do you take my crapass insurance? Hi. Oh thank Jesus. Hi. When can we come in?

And oh.

Since we are so tight and you worry so much about me can I punch you in your stomach? Hard as I like? Becuz that's what I want to do. Maybe translate my ear pain into something about you. Isn't that what you are here for, baby? Aren't you supposed to make everything better? Becuz everything does not feel better. It feels like wearing two long sleeve shirts and a hoodie IN THE HOUSE becuz the furnance in this clap bucket fucking sucks balls. And also I have a rental car with a giant key chain. This is becuz a humongous salt truck destroyed my car with me in it last week. And oh btw the rental does not have Sirius. Which means I am stuck listening to the greatest hits of classical music on my local (sotto-voice djs)  NPR station. At least they moved the state news to one of the other NPR stations. At least there is that. Oh. And it is also not pledge week. So that is fucking huge. No oft heard Mozart enticements for $75 coffee mugs etc etc.

Anyway. I want everyone to leave me alone until I return to umm stasis I suppose. After that, I will pretend to care and you will pretend to care and we will be all smiles in fb jpegs once again gfymb