manoman writing is a lonely sport. no team practice. no uniforms. no referees. no spectators. I've made an ass divot on my side of the bed. it's two days deep. whatever. fuck everyone.

i cut a pot roast shaking like a leaf. me. not the pot roast. i ate it that way too. fucking shaking. like, hands fucking SHAKING. wtf? my heart was going too. racing. i was like, wtf. i ate the pot roast or whatever type of roast it was. i never cook beef. it tasted good. other people said it tasted good. i poured wine after which i am drinking now. i'm still a little shaky. why am i shaky? does shaky supposed to have an e before the y? whatever. fuck everyone.

i fed six people and then i fed two dogs. i feed the world. i feed the africa the haiti the china. nobody feeds me.

watch. just watch.

i dont lie.