2007 wow

umm yeah hi this is your boy tyrell and i came to this bitch to write but umm yeah like the three or so posts before (not the disgusting booger picture thankee verra much) are better than anything i could actually do so what i think i'm gonna do is save you a whole bunch of time that you can better spend reading the aforementioned previous articles.

one thing i will tell you: the oscars are on and i do not care. all the bitches look anorexic and the guys are gays or better looking than me or whatever (gay).

hi. i am on my second rental car since my ride was demolished by satanic city workers. more or less not so sure about the satanic part. but you never know.

also. i go to two different organic hoohah stores. one has a price per item thing going on. like 99 cents for an apple. but the other place does their produce pricing by the pound. and what i want to say is that i am having a hard time figuring out which place is cheaper. of course we are ignoring the one-time loan to the co-op plus the 25 dollar a yr membership fee at the one place and the fact that the other place is farther away and

once again

in the den of the satanists.

anyway. re my math problems. things like this happen when you do NOT pay attention in any business class ever.

i mean. i was good at writing papers. it got me thru. fucking sue a honkey.

Bsmith xoxo.


And hey. Happy Birthday. Did anyone ever tell you that you got a really cool sounding name (on the topic of names)?