This was after I sent Otto a jpg from the deli:

Two men were standing on the corner when we pulled out of the bakery. Friday is a good day at the parve bakery btw. Sugar-addict paradise no lie.

Anyway. The two men. One dude had braids like ODB and gold teeth like ODB. But remember this is Ohio so that shit just got here. Saggy pants. Giant hoodie. Etc etc. Nothing ever changes. Nothing.

Anyway. Dude started walking out in the street in front of me. I was driving a rented minivan btw. White. After like one step, dude whips around all dramatically and onstage-ish and flings his arms up points at the crosswalk sign which is clearly lit in his favor btw - oh and he is on his phone (loud talking) of course - this is at 945 am. Untied basketball shoes. The temperature is like 11. Beyond bitter cold. Huge busy intersection.

For some reason - and this is how you know I am white trash becuz I had two of my kids in the car - I give dude the dbl bird. And I see him say I GOT BLAH BLAH BLAH FOR YOUR BITCH ASS. And my window is frozen so nothing happens when I hits the power button. So I nod my head like sure you do, broke ass. And then he reaches in his back pocket. And I go to myself, gangstas too poor to afford cars are also too poor to afford pistols. And sure enough he pulls nothing out of his pocket; still on the phone btw; and then laughs super loud and it's weird becuz I can't actually hear him. Next, I see his gold teeth laughing into the phone like he scared me or something. Idk.

Whatever. And then after that, while are driving away, my daughter goes: they were laughing at our car.

And I don't say anything.

Bluesmith. America.