Hi. I will tell you what I know and what I do not know:

1. What I know: I know that I know a bunch of hot women who would give me ass if I made the move. I also know that MMDBC will throw me out if I do it.

2. What I don't know: Why my supermegaimportant orgasms have anything to do with how badly their happenings would hurt you, baby? YouknowIonlyloveu.


here is something else we can talk about: let's say for example in an imaginary world - not a real one like this one - you were writing a training script for some imaginary huge company. the reason you are writing the script and not someone who works for the imaginary company is called outsourcing. outsourcing means we don't want to pay you insurance or anything like that. basically, we just want you to work until you cannot and then die without us coming out of pocket.

anyway. so the video is a sexual harrassment video. and you are watching the company's old video to base yours on. and the chick in the video, the presenter or lecturer or whatevertheycallher is wearing a short skirt; long legs; high heels; and has giant bosoms with the entire cleavage dept available for perusal. also. you think that you may have seen her in MILF porn before.

which leads to a little investigating. which leads to no conclusive evidence. but a nice morning orgasm. if, that is, by nice you mean in front of a computer all by yourself.

like i said. imaginary world.