yeah she goes the girls in porn are all faking it and i go what and she goes they are all faking it and i look at her for a really long time and she raises her red eyebrows at me and is like what? they are. and i'm like


and then she's like plus after awhile you've seen them all and it's always the same thing.

and i'm like huh? whattayou care about storyline or something?

and all the guys are gay.

gay guys watch str8 porn? 

no she says. the actors. jesus. you're so dumb.

after that: eye lasers. disintegrated.


next item. here is my dilemma. i am hanging out with too much practice this weekend. there is a winery by my house like three miles away the perfect crawl home right nawmean. also there is a greek place with belly dancers and OPA! and things on fire. finally, we could cook all day long at my house and drink in the meantime. what do you think i should do? you can tell me onhere or on fb or text me or even smoke signals if you're a goddang heathen redskin.


moving right along. today i very much like the new broken bells release. like butter baby. keep your head up. the nine's got your back and nothing is ever gonna go wrong again. summer is on its way.