Everyone keeps talking about green spaces downtown and I don't know what they mean by that am I like superbrain smart or like a see-er of the future or something becuz obviously that means homeless ppl sitting around drinking and showing their feet to ppl who later have nightmares about that shit. Other things too like poop smell and urine puddles.

Anyway. Hi. It's fucking raining here in the capital of the great state of Hillbillia. I was watching the news at noon. Hey. Get this. Someone in a shitty apartment bldg shot someone else and then later when the news ppl got there - a bunch of cops were standing around in the parking lot. The cop cars were all beat up. The civilian cars looked worse. Anyway. That's some shocking shit right there right? I mean. A shooting in a bad neighborhood? Totally news, if you ask me. Here is another psychic prediction: Drugs or Love were factors in the shooting.

Fucking Johnny Future up in here.

What else. Oh. You mighta heard I am having a party next week. More like a get-together. All coochies must be shaved. Or however I say at the moment of the party. Expulsions will be summary and swift. I don't know what summary means. But I get the gist. Or the drift.

Or whatthefuckever.

Bsmith. Nothing without you, baby.