yeah so i go well umm one of the issues with your brochure is your mission statement. a good rule of thumb is ten words or less. you have like 75.

well, i've never heard that before.

we stare at each other. time passes. they glare at their mission statement like they are deciphering the nazi code or some shit.

finally i go if you google like the united way for example...

and they google. both of them. i watch the back of their laptops. ok, the man says, i see what you mean. but the united way is hardly everyone.

hmm. try the red cross.

more time. ok. you're right.

......and that, just so you know, was how the discussion of the first paragraph went.

becuz the thing is, everyone is a writer already. they just need some polish.

eye comma lasers semicolon engage

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