From now on I promise to post on here once a day. I miss talking to you. All the words might suck balls but here is the thing: wouldnt be the first time. Also. YOu've lived thru worse.  Some of it here. Like when cuntballs reposts or the other one does whatevr. Hi. I am typing some words like ppl txt. I thought id mix it up 4 u.

Awesome right? O

I saw two ppl have sex. It was fun. Other things happened too at other times but not involving sex so I think you would not be interested baybeee hold me.

Also you down in Houston Idk if u read this but the texts u send me are fuckin nuts and funny.


A classy hot (higher social class than any of you gutter fuckers) FAMOUS ACTRESS WOMAN said something to me on WHAT ROTTO HATES and I thought about what I was going to say back for like twelve hours becuz I knew the window was small sweet dear babies so I took my time until I knew I had THE PERFECT MOTHERFUCKING COMMENT and I dropped that on her shit this morning and NOW comma JUST NOW comma when I looked on there I saw that she'd LIKED my comment SO NOW WHAT BITCHES THAT IS HOW U DO IT THAT'S HOW U DEBATE

2 for the 369 Crew:

ty bluesmith said...

This type of social commentary, while indelicately layered between foul language of a pedestrian, uneducated nature, is important because it anticipates a possible dark future for the next generation of writer.

That's a thesis statement. And I sell the on the Internet.

ty bluesmith said...