2312 : google reader :

Google Reader is like Betamax. I only check it now to see if anyone has shared a Niner post, otherwise it is pretty worthless. Shit on the Internet does not stay new or useful for long but Facebook will be around for a while, unfortunately, because Goldman Sachs gave them all that money and, as we know, that industry never loses money because even when it does it does not. Straight gangsta. The Internet hustle is still going strong. It has its uses but it sure is not fucking and that existed long before broadband and dial-up. Remember those AOL CDs? Ha. Remember CDs? Hahaha. Shit changes fast but words can last forever. Probably not these words but some words and it really does not matter how they are distributed as long as they reach your eyes or ears or loins. This was a dumb post. Forget it happened. But please share it on Google Reader. 

1 for the 369 Crew:

Google Reader said...

Fuck you in the mingumsi.