There is no one to talk to except the ppl in the various little stores I visit. The bakers. The produce ppl. The hippies. The farmers. I talk and talk. I wonder if they know. I look at their eyes and act like I am listening but I am not. I can't. I pretend to. But it's a lie. And I think it's becuz of writing. Being a writer. And by being a writer I mean broke. No I don't. That's just how it is tho. One thing super quick: If cute girls hated writing would there be any str8 guys doing it? And I don't mean the ppl (allegedly) who write the books you can buy right before your flight at the airport. Well. Not right before your flight. That special time is reserved for the underclass feel up and shoe removing. But you know. Before you hit your gate. But like would all the guys writing (for example) stupid copy while steady resisting the urge to start cutting themselves becuz they feel THAT POWERLESS still do it if they couldn't wrangle a filly?

I comma for one comma would still write. Becuz writing is that awesome. Also. I would still have a girl tho. Always been like that. Always gonna be. And you can get as mad as you like but you are reading the words of a true player for real goddammit.

Anyway. Where were we? I was digressing into writers (much better dealt with as a reader) for a sec before moving on to the reason I am here. I mean. Of the course the usual reason. Which is you. And I pray you've always know that.

And that you always will.

But yeah not cheesy specially after the player bit right above it ok and to take us back I would like to discuss my paying attention problem. I think I might need pills. Specifically little orange ones that are NOT the time release ones. Not that I know anything about that stuff. I mean. I do. I went to college. But like yeah. Drug abuse is bad and the DARE officer loves you and the cops didn't bash that boy's face in at the OSU riot (Google) but I mighta bashed his face in too who knows.

This right here is the last part:
I hope it's good where you're at. I am happier than I ever dreamed possible and I wish the same for every one of you.

Kisses to the kissable.

Dap to all the rest.

bsmith. barenaked soul one asdf after another. like a factory up in here.

7 for the 369 Crew:

car@ said...

1 here for ya crew man! rad man.....raaaad!

moussw said...

nice asdf

ty bluesmith said...


Sarah said...

Do you have a big wang?

xTx said...

ty has the biggest wang of life.

this asdf.

i miss you ty.

let's sleep together. just sleep. i will ignore anything that might happen while i have my eyes closed.

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