this was in a far away place ok and she said what do you want and he said babygirl i dont know and then they both looked away out at the water and there was a coal barge and also there were dead fish all against the rocks and rubbers and empty soda cans and other things latino immigrants leave behind when they spend a day at what is euphemistically called the beach.

anyway the girl had long hair and was lanky and her eyes were blue just like all the eyes have ever been for him - well not counting girls he fucked naturally - and she smiled at him and said i will make everything ok for you but if you have intimate sexual contact with anyone else i will leave you becuz that will hurt me so badly that i will never be able to forgive you.

and he was like why you know like i could totally have an orgasm with another woman and still love you just as much. the girl laughed and said i bet. the guy laughed too. actually he let there be a pause too becuz he is a funny motherfucker and understands timing but that is whatever right so he starts thinking to himself that maybe that's what love is - not wanting someone to feel bad becuz of something you've done.

also. he does not want to live on anyone's couch while he finds a place. not saying the gf after wouldn't be a tiger in the sack tho. you know she would be. and plus his dumb controlling common law wife would be beyond ANGRY when he made a little oreo baby with the replacement. but that's just the thing. i mean. payback is a total motherfucker. ask anybody.

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