this post is about writing:

i dont want to work into something like typing is some meandering stream i want to get right to it hops not make some giant list of every bird in the trees and also what kind of trees are in the scene and how they smell or bend in the wind or eat penis sandwiches or whatever and then i quick pause to wipe my snot or drink my coffee or whatthefuckever and then jump right into some giant description of what everyone is wearing and how many buttons the man had on his suit coat or how the blondest girl did her blonde hair in ringlets etc like a beautiful apparition from an earlier time and how when the hero (who always looks like me but has a cooler name and always says the cool thing) shows up there is or is not a servant or a slave or indentured servant or illegitimate daughter spawned from rape or fratricide or something like that standing out front with a bangin body and buck teeth drawing water from a well or throwing grain at little free range chickens and also i mean ok i know babies dont come from fratricide so you can save me the funny email where you tell me things that everyone who went to high school knows and i either ignore you or make fun of you or pretend i like your art or whatever becuz you look FW in your fb pics and i want to orgasm on or near (not in) you or at least have you watch while i stroke one off to the videos i saved from a few yrs ago of that girl named hannah.

wow. that was one long sentence.

i coulda been briefer becuz here is what i want to say: i dont see why books gotta be 100k words when all but 25k suck balls. and see really the way the system is set up it has writers banging out all kinds of crap ass sentences just to make the agencies word counts. becuz they gotta sell the product. and they know you won't pay for something you can read in an hour. and there it is.


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