I am not good at porn on the iPhone. A thin layer of skin is peeling off my cockdome and the underrim and foreskin. I am not worried. It must be the heat multiplied by in my pants that is what she said. Heads are chopped off across the border and left in suitcases at police stations and may I have a second of your time? Driving is small towns is chill. My rental key is not a key. I press the break and push an ignition button to blast off and the A/C roars and I do not play music because I hate the accordion and that hellish instrument is in every goddamn song down here and fuck that shit and fuck Paul McCartney, too, that overrated dick. Miller High Life 33oz for a buck three six niner. Fuchsia house with lime trim. Why the fuck not. See, your homeowners assoc wants to crush your self-expression for the almighty Benjamin. Not here. Let freedom reign. Lap dances. Beef BBQ. It is so hot so hot so hot today is the longest day of the year and every day down here is the longest. Double X triple bypass gifs do not play on my fuckingphone okay.

2 for the 369 Crew:

ty said...

BRAFUCKINGVO!!!! That goes in the Niner book.

xTx said...