Maybe maybe too much talk this song is not a rebel song
Another thing what if this was not to the real you but to the you in my writer world. Becuz that's what faggottass writers do. They take the real world comma the one they don't fit into comma and remake it into a world where they have power or a voice or friends they don't secretly hate or whatever. And before we move on plz don't think I hate you. Blah blah that could never happen blah blah.
So like then in the writing world I could say I want to stick my fingers in you baby and you would not say WOW that is really classy didn't your wife just have a baby two days ago and I would not feel white trashy and guilty as fuck and also sad becuz I know that my self-destructiveness will be my eventual downfall even though it is my parents' fault or someone else's fault I mean THIS IS AMERICA WE ARE A NATION OF VICTIMS RIGHT

Wait. Let's take a break while I try to think up something I haven't said a million times already. Irregardless the point rings true. But who am I to criticize really. My job is to go to work until I die from some disease. Otherwise, I am a cultural leper.

And I mean it sucks. I was telling Melinda Maria DeJesus Bonaventura Cruz just that the other day. I go why can't I be into weighing 250 lbs and watching CSI shows and playing Halo online until four am? Why the fuck do I have to think about writing all the time? It makes me fucking miserable. And I blurt shit out like a Tourettes individual. I think that's a side effect of writing btw.

Writing is like hate fucking a girl who was so mean to you for so long but then suddenly got on your jock and you acted like shit was cool with her so you could get diggy down and then once you did you discovered that you still hated her but also wanted to fuck her again only the problem is she does not want to fuck you becuz your stupid ass fell asleep right after you came and you KNOW that shit does not fly with the in-demand crowd holla

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