i will go to your party. the house on the hill. yes, i know about the hill. i know the flowers. I know the driveway. remember when i was going to boat there in the rain? back when Los Angeles was covered with water. Does that ring a bell? I mapquested you. It was pre-arranged. I was going to bring you things. i didnt know about the hole in your neck then. i know about it now. i will still go to your party. i will see your eyes again. i remember them because of the way they look at me. a way that is hard to forget. i probably wont bring a cake but i will probably bring wine. alone, walking up your driveway with my click clack feet shaking my hair until it fluffs big. i will deep breath and i will dive in. i will hope for the best and later, look for the place i might've tied my boat.

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2much said...

amityville... it's the house on the hill