1122 I am a magnet for these things somehow

Big D told me he has a Christmas present for me in his wallet. He said it’s a perfect square package. I said if it doesn’t have pictures of dead presidents on it I don’t want it.

Big D complimented me on my shirt and I said Old Navy. (That’s what girls do, they say where they bought it.) Big D walked next to my chair, towering over me and looked right down into my cleavage. Lacy, he said. I covered my cleavage with my scarf and said Get away from me.

Big D said he wanted to spank me. He grabbed this big metal ruler he always grabs when he talks about spanking me. I keep it on a table next to my desk. He picked it up and started hitting it against his hand and told me that I just need to control my breathing.

Later, Big D cornered me behind the filing cabinet and grabbed me around my waist and pulled my ass against him. I pushed him and twisted away. He is a behemoth. Then he walked in front of me and blocked the way around him and then he grabbed my hands and wrapped them around him and then he reached back and grabbed my crotch and I pushed him away again saying Hey. Then when he walked away he said, I’m gonna get you tomorrow. In the morning.” And I said, You’re gonna get NOTHING.

He is saying this because there will only be the two of us here in the morning tomorrow. I think I will lock my office door.