A Ruined Morning:

Dear Otto and 33,

idea maybe. posts in the form of letters? to a muse. or whoever (whomever?). i don't think anyone else is doing something like that. actually, i wouldn't know. also would not care. man. speaking of caring. wtf is up with ppl calling my ass while i am watching the isle of wight concert from 07 on the plasma in my bedroom. while laying in the bed. at 9goddamn40 in the am. no. i can't do your project for you any faster. i'm still doing the research. eat a fucking cock sandwich. blah blah blah etc. great. wonderful. you talked so long that you made me miss echo and the bunnymen and part of paolo nutini. and now the rolling stones are on stage. wow. man. their singer is fucking ugly. i hate this group. ok talk to you soon thanks for calling bye.