the air conditioning makes a sound like it is sad and exhaling
i have baby powder in my right eye but i'm too lazy to remove it
no shirt
hoop shorts
mushroom head
kind of reading blogs and thinking about ppl in other places.
ppl ive never met.

and prolly never will.

the triathlete in the house across the court; i saw woman number two in two years drive away with all her shit. before she left, the cops were talking to her by the stop sign and the triathlete by the side of the garage.
i said to my friend: We will never see her again in our lives.

My friend said: Why do you always dwell on stuff like that?

i killed her with my eye lasers.

Not actually. She bakes me a lot of goodness.


ok. that was a bit schizo. 

lemme rewind. I was about to tell you that even tho I feel happy on the inside and I'm constantly surrounded by loved ones,

I still feel so very all alone sometimes.

And like. Ok. I know you know what comes next but plz let me say it anyway.

Won't you drive over to my house, sweet baby? We can chill in the pool and drink drinks with shaved ice - no cubes - no fucking way. 

After that, we can do sweet love in the pool house. 

You can be Jennifer Jason Leigh,

and I'll be the guy who scalps rock concert tickets to high school students bless.