Do an old man a favor he said. Love me.
Sure she said. She was popping the gum in her mouth like a ghetto immigrant pig. She also had a blackhead colony on her left ear. Fucking disgusting. Otherwise, she looked okay. A little pale maybe.
His hand moved up and down inside his shirt. The dude had a really bad rash. He could not stop scratching.
She was like ooh yuck motherfucker that shit is gross.
He was like I know, bitch. I know.

They went to a pawn shop and bought rings the very next day.
He also injected her with heroin in their hotel room. Later, he fingered her because his dick was soft and he could not get it up.
One of her front teeth was chipped.
You know how I told you I'm twenty-three?
I'm actually twenty-eight. There are a lot of miles on this pussy.
It still feels tight as a copper water line, baby.

Outside in the street, it was siren after siren
accompanied by the sounds of the fast food drive-thru.
Chicken this and por favor that.

Inside, he kept ramming his hand up into her body. She made noises and asked about more heroin and maybe some rocks.

And vodka.

The neon lights came on at dusk. Bugs started flying around the humming outposts of color.

Everything, it seems, was just wonderful like it always is in the land of the modern.