Good Morning,

My sweet apple pies. I want to tell you some things. 

1. Like a year or so ago, I saw an article in a running magazine about a woman who is an accomplished trail runner. When she was growing up, she had some illness that caused seizures. Later in life, she realized that if she threw on her running shoes and hit the streets when she started to feel the tell-tale signs, she would not have the seizures. Ok. Also a bit more backstory: I get nasty migraines. Sugar is a huge trigger. Unfortunately, I am a huge fan of sugar. Basically everything else that alters my immediate reality is also a problem for me. I tend to abuse. Myself. Chemicals. Alcohol. Etc. And what I've found is that women will do the fucking with me and spend time with me and be ok with me carrying their debit cards in my wallet when I'm not a drunk-on-drugs idiot. So I try to spend my time with caffeine and sugar now. I mean. The worst thing ppl say about sugar addicts is that So-and-So is fat, right? Becuz making fun of fat ppl is ok. Same with poor ppl. I mean. Everyone gets so self-righteously angry when they hear the N word, but you can't tell me that you don't crack wise to the ppl in the car with you when you drive past the super-skinny whigger and his 300 lb. gf arguing at the bus stop in the heat. I mean. I totally know you do. 

And guess what? So do I. 

Regardless, I can judge you tho. You classist fucking pig. Fuck you and your well-planned genetics. 

Anyway. I'm getting off track. This morning when I woke up at 6, this is after waking up at 5 with a raging migraine, I decided to go for a run anyway becuz I was hoping that maybe the migraine would go away.


Most horrible 6k of my life. Initially, I was going to run more. But after almost puking for 40 str8minutes, I said fuck it and went home. Let me tell you tho. Feeling your brain slam around inside your skull is titties. Word life. 

2. Jerseylicious is the shit. 

3. I forget what number 3 was going to be. 

4. Oh yeah. I remember now. I was going to tell you that I love you.

5. And I always will.