1812 : war of :

Wanna hear what happened today?
Go fuck yourself.

I picked up my laundry and you did not help me out one fucking bit, and the lady there pretends she does not speak English and I always say thank you instead of gracias because guess why

and I could hear change clanging in driers, and I ate less meat today and a lot more cheese than normal thanks to you and

bubbles of grease popped around blistering pastelitos, and I jerked off all over my girl's pillow while she took a shower so she will have something to remember me by and she sang a song and steam slipped out of the bathroom door, which was cracked, and the water sounded like rain and I thought about bending her over and slipping into that fat fat pussy and splat(!) all

over where she puts her head at night, and the night before she blew me twice and dry humped me until she came — also twice — because her pussy is bleeding and right before she comes she makes this sound, makes this sound, this sound and a

thin sweat rises on her skin, but look: I would

fuck her anyway, and I am a menophobe, but yes, I would fuck that delicious bloody gash and that has to be love right(?) and I bought an iced coffee from the deli and the delicious brown girl behind the counter always makes

ay-papi eyes

at me and

when she speaks English it sounds Spanish and the other white people in this

hood only come out on weekends and they have tatts and piercings and hair colored not the color of hair, and you can suck my stinky nuts, and: swings in the park and: ice cream truck and: kids laughing and: horn blast and: I walked around in a pleasant daytime drizzle with my earbuds plugged in, but I was not listening to anything except the music the city makes when no one else is listening.