Somewhere someone is listening to music he used to listen to with someone who meant something to him but now means something to one of his former friends.
Oh well.
Somewhere someone is crying and after a few minutes she begins to cry more becuz she realizes no one gives a fuck that she is crying.
Oh well.
Somewhere some girl is sitting in a room typing frantically and
somewhere some guy is waiting to wail on his dick over what she writes.
She says stick it in me baby or something like that and he says oh yeah bitch ram it in you so hard.
But that's just her online thing yadig. She also makes the fucking in the real world. I mean. Listen. She has someone in her 3-D life. She's not a looozer. And guess what? Her someone totally plays the dupe in her little production. Fucked up right? I mean. At face value yeah. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Oppositely, the jacker-offer. Yeah. Umm. OH!!! Before I forget. He is a writer too. Don't let me forget to say that. Becuz it's important. Dude is a writer on the Internet and is also a contestant in the rest of the pageant too. But, and here is the difference, he has no one sleeping away the nights on the other side of his bed while he asdf's into the wee hours. Or wait. Hold up a sec. Maybe it is the other way around. Maybe the chick has no one and the dude is duping some sucker. Some annoying bitch (his words). Hmm. I dunno. I think I forget the exacts of that little situation. But either way tho right? I mean. Someone is always getting got or else getting someone right? That's how the game is played isn't it?

Right. We know it totally is. Becuz we are that game. Or we wish we were. Or we were and we're glad we ain't at the current time. Or whatthefuckever.

The shit happens. Endlessly.

But it's whatever. And

everything is just wonderful really. Just like the song says.


Hi. Being online kind of bothers the fuck out of me. Fortunately, the other parts of my life suck too.

I mean. It's good to have options. At least that's what everyone always says lol!