My brain still hurts from that man who talked and talked and talked for hours and told us all how much we suck : which we needed to hear : and he made us all better : even the ones who quit : and there was so much pussy to be had in that room : there for the fucking and I said know : no : I said no but I did jerk off to one of them later because that body just wont stop but her lips are always tinted blue like a corpse on a morgue table on some cop drama on television on weekdays evenings in syndication on every channel for ever and that whole thing kinda turns me off : the corpse thing not the syndication thing : except when from the deep depths of my monstrous insides comes the thought : hey : fucking a hot corpse might be pretty fucking fun.

Where did that come from?

Writing is good times : especially when you have no idea what you might say : sometimes you surprise yourself with some newly discovered horrible truth about yourself : by "you" I mean "me" dear person who dares to read this filth : this is word masturbation : this is coming in your face with sentences and it is not for everyone : but then again : maybe it is : and everyone will not admit it : splat : in your fucking eye bitch : go fuck your mother's corpse bless ladybugs no disrespect sweet babies word life unicorns love story.