I feel rage inside of me do you feel rage inside of you?

If you say no then my reply is me neither just kidding but if your answer is yes then I say to you my dear:
Let's go out and smash some shit. I mean. Yeah. Let's do it. Let's put on all black clothes and be vandals.
Just to hear the noise
Just to see glass fall
Just to feel alive

No not alive. That's what arsonists say and ppl who cut themselves say. We are better than that. We are not arsonists. I mean. Ok. Maybe we have scars in tell-tale places but baby we are more we have substance we are dreamers and lovers and square pegs and hey speaking of square pegs
how many times are we expected to not fit thru the round hole and pick ourselves up and try again?

Is forever the answer to the question?

Becuz I don't think I can last that long.

And plus quitting seems like, in all truth, the decision they want me to make anyway.

Midnite. I'll pick you up. Bring a ball bat and a knife. I've got a million bricks in my trunk waiting to go to good use.
We'll cover the town And
By the time they wake up tomorrow
They will all know that somewhere
There is someone
Who has a problem with being locked out of happiness and success and everything else.

A huge problem.