Hi Babies,
I'm sitting here waiting to type. Or I was. I'm obviously typing now, right?


Hot. Do me.

I was waiting for Internet radio to get its shit together and allow music to spill forth from my penis speakers. Ok. I don't have penis speakers. But my penis, naturally, is a speaker. A great orator in fact.

Anyway. I was on a Morcheeba station and it took 4evr to load and then when it did I decided I wanted Ellen Allien instead and THAT also took 4evr to load and then a Kiki song came on and hi.

Do you love music? Because I love music.

Anyway I was waiting. Ok? Is that enough info? I mean. Everything that happens doesn't have to get like some giant explanation each and every time does it?

[He sighs.]

Idk. Maybe we've been together too long. We never used to fight like this.

[They both look out the bay window at the same time. A neighbor drives by in a Honda Odyssey.]

Hi. I am writing a book in my head. You just read a little bit of it. Actually, I write a lot of books in my head. I even count the words in the sentences.

The sentences with even numbered words are my all-time favorites. Not like the last sentence I just typed tho. It has eleven words.


Anyway. I wanted to come on here and give props to xTx for that nasty gross disgusting stuff she wrote over the weekend which can be found a couple of posts below this one. Pretty fucking brave in my opinion.

Also, IMHO, the nasty style-less dykes in the woman's studies dept. would love to stick something like that right up their overgrown twats at the local slit meetings. Scholarship for decades. Wimmin would get Phd's over that discussion. Ya think I'm kiddin but I ain't.

True story.


Ok the final thing.

That picture below this post is fucking gross. Black is ok but only when it's light-skinned girls or when their skin is uniformly the same color over most of their bodies. Otherwise,


Not gonna do it.

Also I do not want to fuck the poor ones. Money is important to me. Well. I mean. I play it off becuz I have the white guilt and so forth. But still way down deep you know my ass is all about brands. Go fuck your mother. I want a goddamn 3-D tv before any of my neighbors yuHHerdme.