2344 : the city :

Feet light on the sidewalk : bouncing almost : butterfly-collared Travolta almost : feeling powerful almost : wanting to crash through this plate-glass night : a fat woman holds hands with a skinny man up ahead and he breaks his neck to check out two skinny girls in skirts and she sooo busts him : they pass by me and she says, "Hi, papi! New York City!" and I smile and laugh and I prefer to be called "jeffe" : but whatever : I strut and see a dude smoking a cigarette outside a bar : he holds up his hand : I pass and give a look but I reach back for a slap : high-five : he says, "Yeah!" and I walk-and-text what just happened and a text comes back : "The universe loves you right now" : it sure does : a bird shits on my shoulder and I have to laugh again and I just leave it there and I step inside a bar and hug my friends and say, "Watch out for the bird shit" : they laugh and it is a conversation starter : apparently, being crapped on is a good way to pick up women : that is a gift from me to you, pretty ones : but you still have to fuck correctly : especially when your beautiful blue eyes are surrounded by oozy styes like some kind of fucking lumpy freakshow freak but let me just tell you : if your game is strong, you can overcome and have them coming and coming and coming and when it is time for you to go : to just vanish, really : they will cry and you will feel bad for them : kinda : but secretly be happy with yourself that you can cause someone else so much pain just by not being there