Hello. I need to stop caring about people. Hello. I need to let each of them go. Hello. I need to let them fall from my fingers like a gum wrapper I feel bad about leaving in the grass while I am walking across it. Hello. They will land softly. Hello. They will sit for a moment before being taken by a breeze. Hello. They will roll across the grass in fits and starts because the grass is unkempt. (not my fault) Hello. They will not miss me. Hello. I will continue walking across the grass. Hello. I will not look back but I will want to. Hello. A gum wrapper intermittently stuck on the grass cannot hurt me. (right?) Hello. You should say goodbye more often. Hello. You should say anything more often. Hello. I miss you and that fucks with me. Hello. I want to say fuck you to you but I never do. Hello. Why did it ever start? Hello. I am happy for you. Hello. Walk away from me and keep walking. Hello. You already have. Hello. You just haven’t admitted it to yourself. Hello. And neither have I. Hello. I hate when I feel everything in my stomach and chest. Hello. I really wish I felt shit in my knuckles or joints. Hello. At least then I could blame it on arthritis. Hello. Maybe if I felt shit in my hair or felt shit in my elbows I would not write poems. Hello. Maybe pain is a good thing. Or not Hello. Pain. Maybe never getting what you think you want is a Hello. Good thing. I don’t know. Hello. All I know is here I go again. Hello. Dumb. Hello. Delete. Hello.