So yeah this napping thing
it's the shit.

I highly recommend you do so.

Also. I am not going to Mexico tonite. I don't ever get to go anywhere. Except in my mind. And, natch, all up in tha gutz. But ya'll knew that already. Long time. Long long time.
Ok. Perhaps not so long. Perhaps
two minutes of madness, baybees. Ok. One minute. Ok. I nut when I slide it in. Ok. I'm actually gay. Ok. I'm not gay. I'm just lazy. Well. Not really lazy so much. Just conditioned to bust a fast one off to the Internets yadig?

Yeah. You dig.

I totally fucking know it.

And. FURTHERFUCKINGMORE. Any of you bitches reading this thing and getting mad becuz it somehow steals the attention away from your control show:

I have one message. My name is xTx and all you slutty stuck up self absorbed cunts can eat a dick sandwich. Translate that to whatever you want in your second or third world language.

You ain't as deep as you think you are.