I am hungry for something like chips. Something like crackers.

I want to get fucked or masturbate.

I want to watch a porn and go into the porn and be in the porn.

I want you to give me $1,000 so I can blow it in Vegas. If anyone out there has a crush on me or likes me or loves me or admires me or worships me, please please please send me money so I can feel like shit that I took advantage of you. But I will only feel like shit after I put all the money you give me into a nickel slot machine or onto a roulette table. For once, I want to feel guilt free about pissing money away in Vegas. I want to feel i am 'pimpin'. Everyday of my life I am the opposite of pimpin. PLEASE HELP A GIRL FEEL PIMP! So, please, if you are rich or have a lot of extra money lying around that you were going to use to light a campfire, please just send it to me. Email me at notimetosayit at gmail dot com to make arrangements. Thank you in advance.

Oh, also you can buy me a laptop.

What will you get in return? Not much. I mean, I give you shit like every other day round here. Okay, maybe not lately but give a bitch some time. I’ll get there.

I want a windfall.

I want to watch otto fuck his GIRLfriend.

I want to watch ty bluesmith sweat to the oldies.

I want all of my boyfriends to meet and get in a huge fistfight with each other for my love.

I want to feel like I am deserving of everything prior to this sentence.

Love story.