Hi. I apologize for posting on top of your post but I want to tell you that it is awesome. Thanks and Godbless, Tyrell Augustus III.

Also there is one more thing: I was talking to the latina cooze, MMDBC, and we were talking about passive voice and even tho she is an illegal alien Obama lover she made a good point about ppl who write "has spent" instead of "spent." Basically, she said that ppl want something to be way in the past.

And we also reflected on how even tho it is a no-no,  many published contemporary authors write in the passive voice.

And like I started thinking about how only academia really cares.

Which, finally, caused to thought to occur that the ppl who make the rules about writing are not the owners of the language. And here is the part they will never admit even tho it's true: The Writers have the power. It is the writes who wield the language like a sword. And don't ever forget it.

All you writers who read this. The written word is there for you do what you want with. Communicate. Teach the human race. Passive voice or grammar issues or whatthefucker.