HER: Today a child drew a picture. What is that, I asked. That's me standing on a camel's back and the camel is throwing up.

ME: Hahahaha. Kids are so stupid and I like to laugh at them.

HER: Me too. That's what makes my job tolerable. What starts with b? Racecar? NO STUPID!

ME: Bahahaha. They are weak, too. I like watching them trip and fall.

HER: No shit. I can hold those bitches down all over the place. I only like watching them fall after i tell them to stop doing something like rocking in their chair. Cause they bleed a lot.

ME: I don't want blood just tears. And then I laugh.

HER: This sums up your relationship w women, too.

ME: Boom! Awww yeah!

HER: Ziiiing-aaaaaah!