A long verra long time ago, I pulled out
no wait,
A long verra long time ago, there was a chick and she was very hot but back then we called hot groovy yeah anyway this bird was fantastic in her bell bottoms and bobby dylan
she sold incense sticks btw this was
in the Castro well
on the edge of it ok.

It was also in the South if you want to be technical.

Anyway, I said hey groovy chicky
and she said - what?
And I said I am going to show you my dick
and she gasped
Actually, I called my dick my WILLIAM

Well. ONething led to another
like sex and the 69
also we peed on each other yop
Anyways, nine mos later, lil Rotto and xTx were born.

That's right. Twins. They total have the same mother. And I am they father.

And now, sweet babies
you know the story of how the motherfuckin Nines came about. Hawt right?
I  Know.