So there is this girl I know - she works for a dude who owes me money ok and I know that he is shady so I talked her into quitting and when she did, she totally fucked his new business venture. Hawt, right?

Oh. I know.

Also. Every time I hit enter when I am typing in Blogger, instead of the cursor going to the next line, which is where I want it to go, the cursor goes to the beginning of the line I just finished typing. I think Roller or maybe Kevin told me how to fix that once. If that is the case, could you fellas plz tell me again?

Also. One of my 99thousand childrens is walking around crying becuz one of the other ones told her she was weak.

Sometimes, they bother the fuck out of me. That's just between us, tho, kay?

Yeah. I hate this goddamn cursor problem. I feel like such a stupid sometime.

Also. I know lots of hot girls. But I have to pretend I am not depraved around them and it sucks. That is why I love you, sweet nines. You know the real me.

And all my goddamn glory.