Also. I live one house away from a nicer neighborhood than the one I live in. I don't mind so much becuz my house is more pimp than the other crap ass houses in my hood (cursor problem cursor problem).

One thing that does bother me tho is that when my crap ass neighborhood has a power outage, the bougies next door have their lights going strong. I mean. Idk how many hours you've spent in a house with no a/c and 42.6 children trying to kill themselves and one another, BUT THAT SHITSUCKSDONKEYDICKSYOUHERRDME.

Also. I missed you. I really did. I haven't had any words lately. Well. None for you. None that were any good. Not that these are any good. Not like Fritz Serengeti good. Not even close.

Also. I want you to make me come but plz don't try to fuck me. That will make me love you and then hate you becuz I am afraid of commitment. No. Actually. Becuz I am a dick.

And your mom is my penis. And together we made you in a jackoff fantasy. Does that make you wet? Becuz I bet it does.

Try not to fuck any biker gangs, sweet tits. I knows that's how you rolls.