He said you don’t bring a gun to a knife fight and I said, what does that even mean. He responded by saying it means fuck you and then he grabbed the big-titted bitch with the two inch roots and twirled her like he was the best thing to ever come her way. I watched for exactly two minutes while he brought her body into his and pressed against it to the music. When I turned to leave my eyes left the light and that’s when I noticed that her whore smile was burned into my retinas.

Don’t be exasperated, I said. It rings fake on you. He pulled his t-shirt in such a way that the words on his shirt said, ‘amen’. I wanted to pull my own shirt and make it say, ‘leave’ but it was a pink Hello Kitty shirt and there were no letters. I started brainstorming what sort of shirts I could buy with words that contain the letters that could make up the word ‘leave’ but the fog that drugs bring was slapping my brain like a step-child and the only thing I could think of was my favorite Ramones t-shirt and how that wouldn’t spell much of anything if I pulled on it. I might have to write a letter, I thought.

I wake up slowly, one piece at a time. I figure by noon I will be ready to walk the earth wearing my human suit and pretending to be like everybody else.