She cries when she cannot come so she cries a lot these days : she gets close and her face changes when she conjures an image of me and some xgf

: making a woman cry while your dick is in her is only fun when there is violence and/or foul language involved : not from the ghost pussies of the past : especially when her pussy is the best/freshest/perfect-fittingest cunt your prick has ever probed

: and she cries because she cannot get off and you : I mean me : tries not to take it personally or feel insecure and you/I want to come inside her so bad : until it is dripping out of her ears

: you/I imagine an orgy but everyone there is a clone of me and her : sorry time for you to go : and she is licking my nuts while I fuck her and while I fuck her she is eating her pussy : the pussy of another her : and jacking my dick on another me and I high/five another me as she sucks my dick while I fuck her and so on and such :

sounds good to me

: no other pussies no other dicks and every hole is filled with hard cock : the come shots oh the come shots : gallons : lashing/squirting everywhere and

no tears

: your ego is in tact : I mean mine

: as her body clenches when she comes and she laughs and her skin shines with thin/cool sweat and I fill her and she is thirsty and hungry and quenched and fed :

never give up on your/my dreams and always aim for the eye