I Want To Be the Middle Bar In Your Wobbly H

True love is a javelin tossed by a fat midget
excuse me,
I mean,
little person’
and by ‘fat
I mean,

The love javelin hits people in the chest
(that’s where the heart is)
But love javelins also hit in the heads
frequently decapitating the receiver

This is not okay.

But collateral damage is expected with true love
Just like how sometimes hard laughter
results in wet panties or
like how your stovetop is fucked
whenever you fry bacon

despite their rough and tumble appearance,
wait anxiously for the love javelin
much like how they wait for their bacon
utensils in fist
pounding and
splintering wood

“Throw it you fat ass midget! Fucking throw it already!”

Lumberjacks have no couth.