Hey you. Hi. I'm also chatting on FB right now. Gmail is open but no one has a green light. My house is quiet. My street is silent. Want to know a word I hear a lot? 

Ball. Also: Geese. And: BooBoo. 

Hi. I'm sitting here bored. I did a whole bunch of pushups; I ran seven miles today with the stroller. It was rad. I had Espresso Love GU. I can run on that shit forever. The sky was gray and foggy. I could taste the fog. It tasted like rain. 

Yeah so I'm on FB in the dark. Well. I have a lamp on. I just had a jackoff and a big fat line. Ok. Not really. I had a glass of water and a grilled cheese with vegan cheese. It was kinda gross. We're out of EVOO. Tomorrow, I might go buy more. Exciting, right? Can you tell I have nothing to say but type compulsively? Can you? Seriously? Anyway. Someone told me that an Italian bakery I know has nice oil for $22 a gallon. They supposedly even have avocado oil. If this is true, I am going to buy some. But only if the oil is organic. Becuz when it comes to what I eat when I am not eating candy and junk food, I am totally serious about organic food. 

Also. I am way into booty. So if you got some - Shake some. 


Bless yourselves. Bsmith. Ohio.