I looked at so many pictures of genital warts today that it made me cry.
A woman sent me a text that made me laugh. She wrote: "There is a very strong link between my self-worth and whatever is going on with my vagina."
Not eating breakfast made me hungry so I ate a big lunch.
A suicidal friend of mine made me cry.
The rain came down so hard it made me smile.
A mother with a stroller almost fell on her baby when the train jerked forward but someone caught her and that made me happy.
A song came on that made me dance alone in my apartment.
I got an email from my mother that made me cry.
I wished I had cried. I did not cry. Not once.
I sure would like to cry because waiting around for it to happen makes me want to cry even more. It just floats there near the surface.
I did not dance, either, but thinking about it makes me feel wonderful.
It is the thought that counts.
The rest is bullshit.