I have so many things to tell you but I am afraid to start becuz I am afraid I will not stop.
Ok. Like here is one thing:I am totally working retail this holiday season in the evenings and on the weekends. Retail sucks balls. Peoples are totally mean. Por ejemplo, an old lady yelled, "OK I'M GETTING WAITED ON NEXT!" And a hillbilly guy snatched his Norton Antivirus box out of my hand all hard and shit like he is tough and in my mind I was like eat my penil member I have a Mac. Swear to GOD. Also. Lots of ppl talk to me about GOD. I am not into hearing about hell. Whether you are a fucking sand nword or A white trash person. Plz keep your punishment sadistic vengeance control me bullshit in your own pocket. Or. Better yet, wrap it around your woman's head.

OK. That last sentence was too much. But I can't stand immigrants and I can't stand the ppl who were here already, either. Everything makes me mad. I am not hardly sleeping. If I tell my woman how I don't like this-or-that, she will immediately tell me about how badly she has it. That's what women do, btw. So don't ever try to vent to one unless you want to hear a discourse on the way it should be versus the way the world does her.

Just sayin. The other option is no pussy and a cold bed.

Next.I am think (on purpose typo fucking sue me) I am all aggro and shit is becuz I am living on espresso and candy.

Or ok just let me say it like this:

I fucking hate everything. My ex is getting evicted and it is making me freak out worrying about the children when they are with her. 
Also. I have three bank accts and each one of them contains between one and three hundred dollars. I pull the cards out of my wallet at every cash register like an innocent child. No. Like a deer. Like A bewildered little fawn. All bashful and shit. Standing there going Chase or Huntington? Wishing Walt Disney or some other famous animator would rescue me from such an uncaring world yeah.

Wishing with speckles on my coat. I mean my fur. I have speckles on my fur.

What else. Oh. I know. I want to tell you that I want to start writing again but writing bothers the fuck out of me. I also only like amateur porn. I think I have seen it all, tho. WILL you send me videos of you fucking yourself? That'd be super great. I don't mean you, Rollerfink. Or you, Rotto. Or Rotto's alter ego:HE WHO SHALL NEVER BE MENTIONED.

SHH. I can't  tell you his real name but I CAN tell you that Dude was butt raped by a major newspaper. Now he flamethrowers whores in industrial park alleyways.


 xoxo nocallsmith. december. 2010.

I like when the writing is not smooth. Do you? You can't break the rules until you know them, tho. That's the problem with most of em out there, I believe. That and general sucking. Right? HAHALOLLOL!!!!!