I have been JOing a lot and boning a lot and getting fat a lot by not exercising and drinking too much and eating whatever I want and my jeans are getting tight but the sex is still good so whatever and I have been writing this novel and my tattoo has finally healed but the fucker gouged me in a couple places and there is a little scarring and things with the girl are great and it is going to snow a lot tonight and I am sorta excited because I like to throw snowballs at everything, especially stop lights, it's like a fun game and I get drunk and tackle my friends into snow banks and get generally rowdy and I have been watching a lot of movies at work like today I am watching "The Killing of John Lennon" and it is pretty good and tonight I am meeting some friends who took the writing class with me and will banter about the asdf and get wasted and one of my friends effed the other friend after class one night so maybe the will hook up again whothefckknows but either way it will be fun and I will go home drunk and wake up with little sleep and when I get home tomorrow I will write again because this novel is like the number one priority in my life this year so it has got to happen and it will happen even if the book sucks because like maybe you have to write a crappy book before you write a good one but I do not think this will be crappy or at least not THAT crappy or not as crappy as a lot of books that get published so if all these other people are publishing bullsht then I should be able to too you know and if all goes to plan (and when do plans ever fail?) I will write a book and sell it and that will become my fulltime job for the rest of my life bless love story.