I have decided that I feel like this: There are all these rules ok and I have to follow them. But then not only do I have to follow the rules, I need to be competitive. And I am. I swear. But like ok the thing is that I am never competitive at the right things. And by right I mean the things that will keep me in the ducats quite comfortably nawmean. Also. Another problem with me is that I try really hard to master certain components of life and living and having all the name brand shit while scorning ppl who are MORE into the name brand shit. Right.

But then when I master something or at least get highly proficient at it something inside of me turns off and I no longer care. Plus as you might surmise I have occasional personality conflicts with ppl. Both of these things combine into like this massive mass of I-fucking-quit.

Andthen I am right back to zero all over again. And I do not for the life of me know why I keep doing such stupid shit.

I want to say this. Thank you, writing. Without you I would be pussyless. Well, not pussyless. But she'd have a drug problem prolly. Or be a drunk. And I'd be most likely living in a hotel room. Not this pimpass house with blue walls in the kitchen.

Hi. I like to run. I like to cook. And I like making babies, baby. So if you're into any of that stuff you hot piece of tail, feel free to stop on by my trailer. We can breed us some yungins. Or go running or eat or whatever but mostly I want to make the yungins godblessBSMITH