my new band is called Penis Tittywagon. Look for the new cum drippin ep sometime late summer. also. i have a writing tip for you sorry fucks. i base my expertise on the zillion booger coated library books i read every month.


and don't u dare question me when u know u forgot to clear your browser history and u know my ass is the type to snoop yaheard. but that's whatever. here is your writing advice u cute motherfuckers: every derivation is still a derivation.

ok great. and plz to pay attention on actt of i am talking to you. also. a question. how come their hand always gets tired during a fast hj right before you nut bust?

another thing that has been on my mind lately is chef coats. i think they are given out too lightly. cooks should have to earn them.

more importantly, ohio is a place to daydream becuz life for many never gets any better. my life is pretty good tho so i think it's beautiful here. and there is always someone fatter and poorer. that is going to be a given. so it's basically impossible to completely hate yourself for not painting your blue walls or trying harder in a million other ways to become more but hey umm whoa wow this is becoming like group i fear that i overshare yes
i am convinced of it.

i act str8 but i actually get  blowjobs by the picnic benches in city parks said otto.

lol just kidding. he did not say that. if he did i might not tell u but i would be grossed out. i'm old fashioned like that. sex should be had in the dark while drunk and at no other time. not even when she is all sweaty and in a running skirt and her face has that rosy glow good lawd.

anyway. 33 is running in a race tomorrow. the rottster is dining with trumps discarded triplets and i am butt fucking your mom. just kidding about that last part. i need to stay away from suburban, white american male humor. apparently some of our readers have a hard time understanding that in the burbs, baby, gay does not mean gay but merely corny as fuck and if you slap me in my chest for saying nigga plz on the phone while we are driving even when i was not saying anything racist it makes me want to knock your ass up again as soon as medically possible. that way there will be many offspring to work on our farm that jesus told me how to build HA GLORY!

kisses, babies. your boy loves you.
and he always will.

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