831 | william wallace

melindy talks a lot she is talking now she just said it's just damp we need to getta dehumidifier down there tho. she said that becuz the bathroom on our basement level flooded the walls and ceiling turned to black spots part of it did anyway it was like NOLA kinda but not really. our basement is way pimp but the horrible little ppl have taken it over so we did not see the damage right away hot right oh i know. why not let the giantest tv and sound system pump out carly and wrasslin 24dash7 right. anyway. we await the arrival of the free estimate guy. exciting. oh. i know. also. there is a polished wood plaque of one wayne woodrow hayes hanging on the wall in the NOLA bathroom aka the superdome aka the truth aka the rilluh but we call it the ronald wilson reagan memorial lavatory on acct of the blue walls therein. i know what you're thinking. more blue walls. what went on in that place when it was wall painting time and why did that sweetdicked bsmith not paint that shit when he moved in 2.2 yrs ago and all i can tell you is that i have no idea. none. also. i still have a broken foot. it hurts. i gained 8 lbs in six days. i think becuz of the booze and pain pills. by booze i mean cooze. and man i get a lot. not like those other fools you run with. not like those chumps at all.


also. FW means finger worthy and i always rate women like that on acct of 1. germs and 2. how weird shit always gets after ppls fucks. so it's not that i don't want to fuck you it's that you're gross germetically and also you or i or both of us will act like freaks after we fuck but if we keep it to me fingering you and then you doing things with any part of your body beside your inner-vagina to make me orgasm, shit should stay cool nawmean. yeah. so anyway. YOu are totally FW and i think about it when i masturbate.

all u grody hoes should know that i mosdef do not mean you. sorry. drink more soda tho.

2 for the 369 Crew:

ty bluesmith said...

i want to have ana matronic's baby bless

Burgermeister said...

Suck it