I have been reading about this one guy - here is not here anymore. I mean he is here ok. But at the same time he is not. Don't you like not putting commas before personal pronouns? I totally do. You can have that. Become famous with it. Make me even more bitter if that is possible. Anyway. Right. Reading about a guy who is not here anymore. He meant a lot to me. He was a winner. And he got away with cheating so well that I still kinda can't believe he was a cheater.

But some fatherless acting young black men say it is true so it must be.

Also. I am reading another guy. I waited several weeks between his books where I tried reading other ppl. This guy that I am talking about is hands down the BEST in the world at what he does. I mean. Other motherfuckers are not even close. I think that's amazing and so badass.

It also makes me think hey take a shot. There's only one guy to beat right?

Having said all that: INTERN WANTED. Must know how to do research. Must also be cute; a ho in the bed; and know the lyrics to every Swisha House hit bless.

1 for the 369 Crew:

car@ said...

Swisha house!!! Lmao!!! Omg i friggin luv u!!! ;)))