if you are a guy and you say to a guy friend hi tittyface when you see him at work he will laugh and call you a fag or something. if you say hi tittyface to a girl friend at work she will either get you in trouble and or fired - or - if she truly is your friend she will badger you to death about why you chose tittyface instead of any other possible funny sounding name.

neither female response is acceptable. someone plz to call the women. also. dicknuts is as funny as tittyface. just so you know.

next thing. hi. i wonder how your day is going and what you see out your window. you could even to email me a jpeg if you like. i like jpegs. if i could i would take pictures of everything. i would also have a super pimp camera and show up at camera ppl functions and act unctuous or else like a total shunner. no middle ground. thatwould be so funny right? we could drink red wine over ice and then have red teeth when we talked about shutter speed and com-po-sition while showing off our homemade aperture charts. you can start a funny photography story with "when i was an unnnnnnderrrrrgraddddd ...." and when you finish i will laugh the loudest while doing eye contact with everyone else who is laughing so it looks like i think what you said is funny for real. plus i will find out who is faking it. and then later we will kill the fake laughers with our EYE LASERS.

also. if ther e is ever a niner book the title should be : i don't like to dream about gettin paid.

and i won't take no for an answer. unless of course someone else is paying. then i will be fine with whatever but secretly make fun of the namer behind their back. well. not so secretly. kinda more openly. like on here for example. right in the middle of something like this. but you shouldn't let it get you down. i'm only being passive aggressive shitty becuz i spend a shit ton of time around women. and that's how women roll. they.fuck.your.mind.man.

and then when the mind is buttered up to be proper fucked the psyops machines move in. either remotely or whatever. and then the beings in your pants make themselves known to you. they come from the planet junk btw BLESS>

postscript: forever.

0 for the 369 Crew: