An old woman and a pregnant woman stood in front of me and I offered the pregnant woman my seat and she said no thanks so I kept sitting.

At the next stop a guy got on and stared at me like, "Why aren't you giving that pregnant lady your seat?" I got off at the next stop and so did the pregnant lady and the guy nudged the old woman out of the way to grab my place.

The subway steps led to some famous courts and the games were fierce. Basketballs bounced and handballs popped. A man on the sidelines had a lot to say about the evolution of the shoelace.

Outside of a Belgian beer bar, a man with a tattered straw hat sat at a table with his legs crossed. He held a leash that was wrapped around the legs of his chair and he sipped a frothy beer from a tulip glass. He called his dog Robot. "Sit, Robot. Sit."

Clouds blanketed the sky and cooled things off and everything turned blue.

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