Something about all that rain and now the grass is already brown. Something about a broken bone. Something about limping. Daydreaming while frying blue eggs. Have you ever seen a blue egg? I had not until the other day. Melinda said those come from a special chicken. I was hoping the eggs would give me invisibility
and you know i mean the good kind of invisibility. like where you can pass thru closed doors and naked ladies won't bump into you when they suddenly exit the shower on acct of they are too classy to pee down the drain. Also don't let them tell that they can't aim it. They totally can. Before the Internets I did not know that btw. So like how can you say I've wasted "decades" on here?

Stupid judger. I hate ppl who judge. And that, sweet babies. Is why I never do.


0 for the 369 Crew: